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Bates Singapore – Sony Bravia

You might not aware that Bates Singapore (partner with 10AM) won their first project for Sony in June

but it was absolutely a big big news to Bates

Today, their TVC is done, here it is

I don’t know what you think, but to me, it’s certianly not impressive, and quite disappointed

here’s one of the comment from Adverblog, though a bit picky, but it’s true

Well, to be really honest:

– Im FED UP with CONTINUING or making another BIG copy of first and EFFECTIVE ad for SONY BRAVIA. And to be clear I still admire first ad

a) PAINT – a master piece
b) BALLS – great idea and also cool ad

but come on SONY guys…!!!

RABBIT, FOAM and this last DOMINO is just trying to play the same and its more and more boring!
Because it is still trying to be same! And ist not about the main claim (which is ok), but with the way you are doing this ads – like sometnihg to be really spectacular – and thats the problem. Paint and Balls were spectacular, but doing ads as a BIG ads and pointog still on how cool you are in “making of” … it just Enough!

Lets try somenthing NEW!!!

– and of course another thing is DOMINO
– how many ads are done by domino effecet and to be really clear this is just one of them which people will forget soon
– there are hundreds of them and I prefer more this ads:






Posted by: soulbringer at October 16, 2008 05:20 PM

Oh my. It’s what the world has been waiting for ANOTHER domino ad!

Posted by: Nathan at October 17, 2008 09:42 AM


come on Bates…

Tribes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin new’s book “Tribes”, you can buy it at amazon

or you can download a free audio version of the full book at Audible

it looks to be a successful promotion by Audible as I saw more than 1 bloggers posting the link

click this link if you want to know more about the book

though it’s free, i’d recommend you to buy one if you’re interested

it’s quite difficult to listen to a book, rather than to read a book

Google Analytics adds new features

it makes your report more custom made, you can simply analyze whatever you want

i wonder how many agency/client in HK will need/be able to analyze in that level

site analytics is relatively easy to learn, but difficult to be an expert

i’d suggest everyone who work in digital agency/online marketing, should be familiar with the basic knowledge of it

new features: motion chart

also advanced segmentation & custom reports, impressive


so, let’s see what yahoo analytics can offer

Cool laser project

it’s cool, isn’t it? i think it’d be great to have a setup like this in our office

interactive mirror:

game by laser pointer

by LitStudios, here’s their blog

Earth 3.0, free magazine!

Scientific American, obviously a science organization in American, is also a publisher for magazines

to me, their magazines are really interesting but you won’t have time & money to read, like National Geographic

This month, they have a special edition called Earth 3.0

you need to pay USD13.95 for a print copy (almost HKD100)

I’m not asking you not to buy the magazine, but there’s a free one you can download, online freebies

I got a eDM from Conservation International, I really like their eDMs!!!!

“Dear Herbert…Friends of Conservation International are eligible to download a FREE copy of a special issue of Scientific American focusing on the state of the planet. Save some paper and download your free digital copy now! Scientific American Earth 3.0... ”

so I downloaded it, you can get 1 copy by clicking the above link

the magazine itself, is really beautifully designed, the content is really useful & updated

so I’d strongly recommend you to download 1, to view it on your screen but not to print it out unless 100% necessary

There’s a topic about future ecocity, the ecocity under illustration is really so sexy, attractive

I’d like to move there one day if I can

and amazingly China is supposed to be the 1st nation to develop a ecocity (Dongtan), but shall we believe China government? (below is the Dontan city under illustration)

Here’re more ecocities at a glance, from a wordpress blog called ecocity, worth to take a look

let’s do a few clicks to be ‘green’er

site of the halloween this year

no doubt, i will vote for the hotel626
i’m not someone who’s really afraid of ghost
but when i visited this site at midnight alone in my room
i just quitted after 2 mins

the site is audacious
it only opens from 6pm to 6am, cool!

so why dun you check in now?


By the way, don’t miss this brilliant Halloween campaign, one of the best interactive setup to me

If you’re planning a proposal

not business proposal, but…

but i’m so disappointed by their website

btw, this video is so sweet as well

google teaches you how to appear on google

This is an excellent presentation, just show it to client!

one of the best presentation i’ve ever seen

i just can’t stop watching & watching & watching again

just kill me, if you don’t think it’s amazing, wonderful, fantastic, impressive

a creative campaign by government

not very often can we see an interesting & creative campaign in hk

not to mention it’s produced by the conventional & ordinary government party

but this is an exception, the 創新戰隊 program to promote the latest technology

i really appreciate…

– their overall campaign creative concept

– the breakthrough in the conventional atmosphere

– their graphical presentation

– their website development (content rich, with mini-games)

– the viral videos

– a smart way to ride on celebrity & cartoon figure

you know, they can just produce an ordinary program with no one criticizing them

well done by Innovation & Technology Commission