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McCann HK won a Cannes Lion Grand Prix

what a great news to the advertising industry in HK

it’s like the HK team winning the world cup, maybe a bit exaggerated but that’s quite true.

I don’t know any of the team member, and I don’t know anyone from McCann

but I would like to express my gratitude to them and I think the people in HK should be proud of them.



sadly they didn’t attend the award

June is advertising

I’m back!

June is a great month for advertising industry, yes it’s the Cannes Lions 2009, though the award seems far away from me, or from us in Hong Kong, but they have very exciting programmes, almost the best from the industry comes together, they come from everywhere, everywhere, everyone of them are expertise, the best from the industry.

I just hope 1 day I can join the programmes, I’m particular interested in the talk by Maurice & Eric Schmidt…


and here’s a cannes cast from Raap Collins, let’s see what it is


ah, the D&AD awards too, the winners are there, take a look


Humanitarian Lion campaign

I really like the Humanitarian Lion campaign. If you have no idea of what lion it is, here’s the story:

You should know Crispin’s annual controversial Burger king campaign, last year is the Whopper freakout which I like a lot, this year they have Whoppers Virgin, well not a bad idea I can say. They ask people in Thailand, Romania, Greenland who has never seen & tasted a hamburger before (so call Whopper Virgin) to taste the Whopper & BigMac, of course most of the people like Whoppers, that’s all. The whole Whoppers Virgin campaign is neatly presented, it’s worth to have a look http://www.whoppervirgins.com

But what I want to highlight, is the Humanitarian Lion campaign:
“A Humanitarian Lion supporter produced a video riffing off Burger King’s Whopper Virgins campaign, where documentarians engage Third World inhabitants in hamburger taste tests — and incidentally pop their hamburger-free cherries. ” Apart from the whopper virgins, we have a lot of Nike virign, school virign, human rights virgin in this world. So this is a campaign to ask for a new category in the Cannes Lion award, a category called “Humanitarian Lion”. 

Take a look at the burger king’s video and then the humanitarian lion video. (Though I like the Humanitarian campaign, but I really think they should re-think the name of it)

If you ask me what I want to achieve in advertising, I would say I really want to have a successful campaign for a cause, like this one and the baby tree campaign www.mybabytree.org