Bates Singapore – Sony Bravia

You might not aware that Bates Singapore (partner with 10AM) won their first project for Sony in June

but it was absolutely a big big news to Bates

Today, their TVC is done, here it is

I don’t know what you think, but to me, it’s certianly not impressive, and quite disappointed

here’s one of the comment from Adverblog, though a bit picky, but it’s true

Well, to be really honest:

– Im FED UP with CONTINUING or making another BIG copy of first and EFFECTIVE ad for SONY BRAVIA. And to be clear I still admire first ad

a) PAINT – a master piece
b) BALLS – great idea and also cool ad

but come on SONY guys…!!!

RABBIT, FOAM and this last DOMINO is just trying to play the same and its more and more boring!
Because it is still trying to be same! And ist not about the main claim (which is ok), but with the way you are doing this ads – like sometnihg to be really spectacular – and thats the problem. Paint and Balls were spectacular, but doing ads as a BIG ads and pointog still on how cool you are in “making of” … it just Enough!

Lets try somenthing NEW!!!

– and of course another thing is DOMINO
– how many ads are done by domino effecet and to be really clear this is just one of them which people will forget soon
– there are hundreds of them and I prefer more this ads:






Posted by: soulbringer at October 16, 2008 05:20 PM

Oh my. It’s what the world has been waiting for ANOTHER domino ad!

Posted by: Nathan at October 17, 2008 09:42 AM


come on Bates…


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