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Cannes 2008- agency score

if you are working in the advertising industry

and if you don’t have time to check out the cannes award creative this year

i’d suggest you to at least have a look at the table below (the table is from JWT good stuff)

which is a good picture of how’s the performance of your agency last year

though, the regional award doesn’t seem like related to our daily jobs, and i honestly can’t see my agency works at that level, but it’s always better to know more

however, i’d still suggest you to check out the creative which is more meaningful than a table


gettyimages is cool

i love this moodstream platform!!

rather than the cool keyword search

this allows us to choose photo/footage in a more user friendly way, combine with the music association

this really helps a lot in making good powerpoint~~

beautiful new HP TVC

somehow, i don’t know why, makes me think about this ad….

no matter how many times you watch this ad, you still want to replay it

seo/design/paid search/link building/conversion/social media

this is not new, but this is too funny that you can’t resist to view all his “songs”

Martin Sorrell vs Maurice Levy

the two giants in advertising

sometimes, i think they’re really like a 歡喜冤家 (i dunno how to call it in English)

WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell, who moderated a “Cannes Debate” seminar today, opened it up by asking panelists from both paramours (Google & Yahoo) what’s with their “new love affair.”

Maurice Levy, said he wasn’t concerned about the Yahoo-Google deal and the potential for higher keyword prices. He also poked at long-term rival Mr. Sorrell and his habit of characterizing Google as a “frenemy.”

Japan Federation of Construction Contractors

usually you don’t have any expectation for a corporate site

this is an exception

this is Japan Federation of Construction Contractors

apart from their cool graphics & flash

they have built a music mixer which is really fun and tie in with their business


they music is surprisingly in good quality

check out my composition:

real time quote from google!

i’ve been working on some finance portals from time to time

and in hong kong, real-time quote is not free, we can only check the delayed quote in yahoo finance

recently google announced that they provide REAL-TIME quote for NYSE and NASDAQ market

well, i’m not sure if real-time quote is free or not in US

but i’m quite sure google is the pioneer on finance tool

just compare the stock screener between google and yahoo



it’s like a 1.0 between 2.0

no wonder the future of yahoo is so dim…

even for a stock screener, we can sense they don’t focus on technology, r&d

咁都得 ???

advertising is easy!

cool, advertising is really like porn



Top Ten Reasons Advertising is Like Porn

this is interesting

Top Ten Reasons Advertising is Like Porn

– You shouldn’t stay in the same position for too long.
– If it’s good, it transcends language.
– Working in the industry will affect your family life at some point.
– It creates careers for art-school dropouts.
– The same concepts are endlessly recycled.
– You fast-forward through the boring stuff.
– The Internet took it to a whole new level.
– It’s hard to transition out of.
– They both have weird self-congratulatory award shows.
– Only the people who create it are delusional enough to call it art.

internet, social networking in year 1934

can you imagine that someone in year 1934 can vision something like world wide web, search engine, database and social networking?

Paul Otlet

interesting article from new york times

everyday we’re flooded with the breakthroughs & breakthoughs in this industry

it’s nice to sit down & take a look backward