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The Annual Great Turtle race

We all know sea turtles leave their feeding area to the breeding area every year. To raise the awareness of the sea turtle conservation, some marketers come up with this great campaign: The Great Turtle Race, this is absolutely fun, educational, and becoming an annual event (this year is the 3rd year).

Credits to Conservation International, National Geographic Channel



Earth 3.0, free magazine!

Scientific American, obviously a science organization in American, is also a publisher for magazines

to me, their magazines are really interesting but you won’t have time & money to read, like National Geographic

This month, they have a special edition called Earth 3.0

you need to pay USD13.95 for a print copy (almost HKD100)

I’m not asking you not to buy the magazine, but there’s a free one you can download, online freebies

I got a eDM from Conservation International, I really like their eDMs!!!!

“Dear Herbert…Friends of Conservation International are eligible to download a FREE copy of a special issue of Scientific American focusing on the state of the planet. Save some paper and download your free digital copy now! Scientific American Earth 3.0... ”

so I downloaded it, you can get 1 copy by clicking the above link

the magazine itself, is really beautifully designed, the content is really useful & updated

so I’d strongly recommend you to download 1, to view it on your screen but not to print it out unless 100% necessary

There’s a topic about future ecocity, the ecocity under illustration is really so sexy, attractive

I’d like to move there one day if I can

and amazingly China is supposed to be the 1st nation to develop a ecocity (Dongtan), but shall we believe China government? (below is the Dontan city under illustration)

Here’re more ecocities at a glance, from a wordpress blog called ecocity, worth to take a look

let’s do a few clicks to be ‘green’er

a beautiful eDM

how many e-newsletter you receive everyday?

and how many will you really pay attention to it?

what about this eDM? I think this is beautiful

layout, stock photos, copy, tone and manner

and of course, the message

we should care about our environment