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McCann HK won a Cannes Lion Grand Prix

what a great news to the advertising industry in HK

it’s like the HK team winning the world cup, maybe a bit exaggerated but that’s quite true.

I don’t know any of the team member, and I don’t know anyone from McCann

but I would like to express my gratitude to them and I think the people in HK should be proud of them.

sadly they didn’t attend the award

Google Analytics on Energy

this is why we all love Google

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

Google is not measuring Pageviews in your website, Google is showing the energy consumption at your home, which is more meaningful to the entire human, right?

PowerMeter annotated graphEnergy consumption is sort of invisible, you can only visualize it on your bill, and very often people don’t have a sense to reduce your energy consumption, you just pay your pill every 3 months, you won’t ask for a discount or you won’t try to reduce it either.

However, if it’s presented in a chart like above, I’m sure every rational man with a sense of anlytics or calculative mind will do something to it, it’s now more visible, more measurable and more ‘analytics’. Thanks to google, we got the next step now.

The smart grid is remarkable, and the Google & GE partnership is a perfect match.

For more information:



A PR event of Google & GE

the New Pepsi & Obama

The new Pepsi under TBWA has a good start

Their BLUE color and the new tag  ‘REFRESH’ matches perfectly with Obama’s CHANGE

WOW you almost can’t tell the difference between new pepsi and obama, I shall imagine Obama like drinking Pepsi instead of Coke! (Anamaria Irazabal, director-trademark Pepsi, calling any similarities between Pepsi and Mr. Obama’s message a “happy coincidence.”)

Anyway, I think the new Pepsi has produced some nice campaigns

refresh everything

refresh 2009 symposium

Humanitarian Lion campaign

I really like the Humanitarian Lion campaign. If you have no idea of what lion it is, here’s the story:

You should know Crispin’s annual controversial Burger king campaign, last year is the Whopper freakout which I like a lot, this year they have Whoppers Virgin, well not a bad idea I can say. They ask people in Thailand, Romania, Greenland who has never seen & tasted a hamburger before (so call Whopper Virgin) to taste the Whopper & BigMac, of course most of the people like Whoppers, that’s all. The whole Whoppers Virgin campaign is neatly presented, it’s worth to have a look

But what I want to highlight, is the Humanitarian Lion campaign:
“A Humanitarian Lion supporter produced a video riffing off Burger King’s Whopper Virgins campaign, where documentarians engage Third World inhabitants in hamburger taste tests — and incidentally pop their hamburger-free cherries. ” Apart from the whopper virgins, we have a lot of Nike virign, school virign, human rights virgin in this world. So this is a campaign to ask for a new category in the Cannes Lion award, a category called “Humanitarian Lion”. 

Take a look at the burger king’s video and then the humanitarian lion video. (Though I like the Humanitarian campaign, but I really think they should re-think the name of it)

If you ask me what I want to achieve in advertising, I would say I really want to have a successful campaign for a cause, like this one and the baby tree campaign

hello 2009!

I’m back! For I has been away for almost a month. Here’s something I would like to share:

1) Wassup 2008: cool! if you still haven’t seen this, you must!

2) 2012 Campaign: it’s a movie trailer, but they didn’t show the URL, instead they ask you to google 2012, simple, smart enough, and I did google for it!

3)  I like the idea and they website to promote the Italian beer Galliano, it’s fun and highly relevant to the brand, it looks easy but from what I see, most of the funny campaign is not related to the brand, or promoting sales, that’s the forever struggle between client and agency. So credit to Galliano
(if they can register the URL in Italy, that’d be better)

Quarter Pounder in Japan!

BRILLIANT IDEA! what a great campaign by McDonald in Japan.

McDonald introduced a new burger ‘Quarter Pounder’ to Japan, instead of just doing it in a traditional way.

“2 McDonald’s stores in fashionable Tokyo’s Omotesando and Shibuya East were remodeled and reopened as unbranded Quarter Pounder shops.” 

the whole thing is so cool, only regular or double Quarter Pounder are in the menu, no more, not any.

“We want consumers to discover great taste and not care about who produced it,” a shop spokesman said. “Those who think of McDonald’s as fast food can just focus on taste and find a premium burger, without prejudice or preconception.”  

I think the whole campaign is brilliant because

1) can introduce the new product with extensive media coverage (even i know it in hk), and in japan, there’re 500 people lining up for opening

2) most importantly, to correct the image of mcdonald’s = low quality, junk food. When fresh burger, mos burger are everywhere selling a preimum image.

It could be the best campaign this year.

More information:

in Hong Kong, the quarter pounder is called 足三兩, it’s associated with the Mac Tonight campaign, only available after 9pm. So the product positioning is different, but you know what’s the difference between a brilliant and an ordinary campaign!

Thanks McDonald!

a creative campaign by government

not very often can we see an interesting & creative campaign in hk

not to mention it’s produced by the conventional & ordinary government party

but this is an exception, the 創新戰隊 program to promote the latest technology

i really appreciate…

– their overall campaign creative concept

– the breakthrough in the conventional atmosphere

– their graphical presentation

– their website development (content rich, with mini-games)

– the viral videos

– a smart way to ride on celebrity & cartoon figure

you know, they can just produce an ordinary program with no one criticizing them

well done by Innovation & Technology Commission

innovative & effective campaign

how to activate Vote in political event among young adults 18-25?

usually the % of registered candidate of this group is relatively  low

so the 1st step is to encourage them to register to become a qualified voter

then how? how to activate this group to vote?


there’re many ways, well, in HK, campaign like this exists (OMG)


if you can’t understand chinese/(spanish), this is a ‘trying to look young’ music video produced by a potential councillor. (though i’m not really sure if this is produced by their official? their fans? or in fact their opposite candidate…) If this is a campaign produced by their opposite candidate, this might be an effective one. It might create noise (in fact not much), but it simply damage Regina’s image, her image is not as idiot as depicted in the video. SIMPLY, TOTALLY, WRONGLY targetted. TOO BAD. 


however, in US, for the US election campaign, we’ve found some greenlights!

which is really refreshing

the ‘DECLARE YOURSELF’ campaign

“Declare Yourself is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to empower and encourage every eligible 18-year-old in America to register and vote in the presidential primaries and 2008 presidential election. Using the power of strategic media partnerships, celebrity spokespeople, the sports arena, and most importantly, mobile and Internet technology, Declare Yourself’s campaign blankets the landscape of popular culture, as well as universities and high schools, with a simple, clear message: REGISTER and VOTE!”

their latest hit is the ad by Jessica Alba:

WOW, it looks like an ad to promote a new TV series, isn’t it a surprise to promote voting? or you think it’s not appropriate? too violent? sexually abused? WHATEVER, why don’t you raise your voice if you don’t like? that’s simply the hidden message of this ad (i think so), ‘ONLY YOU CAN SILENCE YOURSELF’.

and here’s a video promotion

they also have a youtube official page, you can see a lot of interviews from all walks of ‘young adult’ life

a lot of multimedia promo has been produced

check out the official homepage


this is really a 360 campaign

i wonder, if there’s an advertising agency/whatever party in hk doing this stuff during the Legislative Council Election 2008, the result might be a bit different

TV X socialnetworking: MTV backchannel

can MTV backchannel really bridges the gap between ‘social networking’ & ‘tv’?

definitely social networking (internet) are stealing the eyeballs of TV?

so instead of fighting it back, which is not quite possible, how can we bring them together?

even better, to leverage on the advantages of both media platform.

what do you think? i’m looking forward to the stat/result…

but from what i see from the official site, the tags never go as inspring/funny as their promo suggests, in fact, they’re quite irrelevant and boring, content is king, who else is going to browse a site while watching tv with absurd comment?


MTV backchannel official site:

Media preview:

Yahoo brings internet to TV

can this save the ‘traditional’ TV?

i read 2 news about Yahoo bring internet to TV on the same day

i think the idea is great (not new), at least the direction is correct

but what’s the difference between

1) Yahoo X Intel

2) Yahoo X Samsung

certainly the Intel one looks more sophisticated and more difficult to understand…