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brilliant halloween campaign


this is one of the best interactive setup i’ve ever seen

SIMPLY brilliant! you don’t want to miss this excellent campaign

was created by a Spanish agency called DoubleYou in 2007

I don’t like their concept of official website, far too ‘experimental’ and no room for user experience & brand identity, i would suggest them to take a look at Modernista way of presenting their official website. I think Modernista is doing exactly thte same thing but in a much smarter way.



effective & innovative promotion!


“To promote the movie The Water Horse, a giant Loch Ness monster was created in Tokyo. Water jets and a water screen were needed to make the monster come alive.”

2.0, world 2.0

david darmano is one of my favourite blogger

his insight is to-the-point, easy to understand

and here’s his recent post on world 2.0

the best presentation on 2.0 i’ve ever read

just read it!