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the New Pepsi & Obama

The new Pepsi under TBWA has a good start

Their BLUE color and the new tag  ‘REFRESH’ matches perfectly with Obama’s CHANGE

WOW you almost can’t tell the difference between new pepsi and obama, I shall imagine Obama like drinking Pepsi instead of Coke! (Anamaria Irazabal, director-trademark Pepsi, calling any similarities between Pepsi and Mr. Obama’s message a “happy coincidence.”)

Anyway, I think the new Pepsi has produced some nice campaigns

refresh everything


refresh 2009 symposium




Hillary Clinton is better than Obama

Hillary Clinton is better than Barack Obama in their speeches
and both of them are far far far far far farrrrrrrrrrrr better than McCain’s

what do you think?

i’d recommend you to watch the HD video in this unfriendly platform that you must first install MS silvernight and another unknown tool

or watch the low quality version in youtube
Hilary Clinton

Barack Obama

Clinton’s “No way, No how, No McCain” is the highlight and the sentence wandering in my mind

this is really effective communication and the art of speech!