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we sell, or else

Again, I like “We Sell, Or Else” so much.

This is a nice article from Georgr Parker, my favourite fucking blogger on advertising ; )

He has an article at PSFK “Please don’t tell my mother I work in advertising”

“Lee Clow is no longer the Creative Director of Chiat Day. He is now something called the “Global Director of Media Arts”… Whatever the fuck that is? Or, in his own words… “I don’t call what we do advertising any more. I call what we do “Media Arts.” I believe everything a brand does is media and the art of telling stories using everything from the Internet to painting on walls is the broad definition of our future. Advertising has always been about ideas.”

Oh yes, dead right Lee, except you’ve got it arse about face… Advertising has always been about selling, and it usually takes a great idea to execute it well…”

Another piece about “We sell, or else”

Stop motion animation!

this is crazy! I love it!

don’t forget to check out the HD version

the most interesting is the making of, I really have no idea if I didn’t watch this

Jazz with a general problem

making of:

Bboy Joker

making of

credit to Patrick Bovin

Future 2019

How far can we go in 2019?

Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop unveiled Microsoft’s vision for how we re-imagine productivity in our daily lives. This is an inspiring video you don’t want to miss.

If you want to see more, don’t forget to check out this 5 mins version. Interestingly enough, I can recognize a few shots taken in Hong Kong, the airport (2:00) and definitely the end frame building shot. Tell me if you could spot more.

Microsoft is not doing this ‘minority report’ montage video for nothing, they have solid supportings for their vision (I believe so),  just take a look at the presentation deck and you shall know.

What’s more, there’s a  ‘Microsoft Office Lab‘, so that we know that not only Google has a Google Lab, Microsoft does too! There’re sections about future, some concept tests, some grassroot projects initiated by Microsoft staff (oh sounds like so Google), a decent blog, very nice website that you can subsribe to it.

we need LOVE

When is the last time you said “I love you”?

And when is the last time you said “I’m in love with someone” rather than “I’m in a relationship with someone”?


Perhaps we’ve been adapted to the facebook/internet style of communication,

whereas words are colder, people are actually less connected as it appeared to be;

whereas language has become a function rather than an expression;

whereas : ) means smile and : ( means sad. How sad.


Let’s make a break.

Say “I love you” to the ones you love.

We need LOVE  and the world needs LOVE.

Spread your love to your friends and your loved ones.

Then together, our world will be more BEAUTIFUL.


This is sent to you by someone who loves you.

Maurice Levy’s interview

It’s so interesting to read Maurice Levy’s recent interview

Ad Age: What about the situation(sliding global economy) excites you exactly?
Mr. Levy: I’m excited because this is something that leads me to think about how we can make our organization more efficient,
>>i.e. lay off

Ad Age: But what about the downside, such as closing down Honeyshed and layoffs? 
Mr. Levy: Closing down Honeyshed was something that made me sad. I had a formidable love for this operation, and I supported them during the whole process. The problem with Honeyshed was that we had…
>>I can see why Honeyshed can go live, who dare to say no when this is Maurice Levy’s idea?! LOL

Ad Age: What were the bright spots in 2008?
Mr. Levy: …Digital has been staggering, and Publicis Modem has been fantastic….

Ad Age: It’s apparent digital is becoming a bigger part of what you do. Do you plan on continuing that trend and how will you ensure the digital practice continues to grow?
Mr. Levy: …We want to make sure that the whole [Publicis] group is absorbing the digital practice and that almost everyone is literate in digital…
Mr. Levy: …and we have plans to grow in those markets like China, India and some European countries….
>>that’s what we’re doing and we’re in China!

happy new year

happy new year to everyone

though i assume not many ‘ones’ will be reading


google lively NO MORE


From Google “we’ve decided to shut Lively down at the end of the year”


i think everyone would have predicted it, so am I!

Adweek 30th anniversary special

Adweek is celebrating their 30th year, and so they’ve elected 30 most influential people in marketing/advertising/media industry


so how many of them you know?

and they have some individual interviews

i don’t have time to read/watch them, but i think we should read it if you’re still alive in the advertising industry

the BIG BANG theory

(this post is not about advertising)

how much do you know about the big bang?

i assume a normal people like you and me will only know it’s a bang, and it’s a big one, well, that’s all


i came across this interesting TV program: Big Bang on discovery channel today

the host João Magueijo is a Portuguese cosmologist and professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London, he explained to me in the most lament way the cosmic theory, it’s like a BigBang 101 lesson, which I have learnt some terms that I would have probably never heard of if I didn’t watch this program, like CMB, Horizon problem, cosmic inflation, variation speed of light.

If you have 1 hour, and interested to know know more about the universe you’re living, you must watch this, and thanks God that someone has uploaded it to Youtube, thanks to Zuke696, in fact I can find a lot of interesting science video in his channel in youtube, enjoy.

p.s. this program is one of the best visual effect tv program i’ve ever seen, really helps a lot in communicating the abstract science theory, tribute to discovery channel, again.

If you’re planning a proposal

not business proposal, but…

but i’m so disappointed by their website

btw, this video is so sweet as well