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I am 89% Google Analytics IQ


Google is offering a test you can take to prove you are qualified in Google Analytics — the Google Analytics Individual Qualification — or IQ test.

It costs $50 to take the test. Once you pass, you’ll be registered as Google Analytics qualified. 


Even if you’re not planning to take the test, you should go through the course, which is really really really helpful in building the fundamental concept with practical examples in site tracking.


Google Analytics adds new features

it makes your report more custom made, you can simply analyze whatever you want

i wonder how many agency/client in HK will need/be able to analyze in that level

site analytics is relatively easy to learn, but difficult to be an expert

i’d suggest everyone who work in digital agency/online marketing, should be familiar with the basic knowledge of it

new features: motion chart

also advanced segmentation & custom reports, impressive


so, let’s see what yahoo analytics can offer

why Google Analytics?

apart from that

– it’s free

-we (agency) are familiar with it

when you have to convince your client that Google Analytics is GOOD

show them this article!

“… is already used by one third of the top 500 websites in the world.”


update Jun11

here’s a summary of site analytic tool, a good overview