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cool viral video

cool viral video, and it comes from China, that’s more cool

use Bruce Lee to promote Nokia N96

now the china nokia team has a knack of making viral video?

they’ve produced 2 world class viral videos in a row, i think in China market, they’re the leader

(and this is produced by a HK agency, proud of you)

Quarter Pounder in Japan!

BRILLIANT IDEA! what a great campaign by McDonald in Japan.

McDonald introduced a new burger ‘Quarter Pounder’ to Japan, instead of just doing it in a traditional way.

“2 McDonald’s stores in fashionable Tokyo’s Omotesando and Shibuya East were remodeled and reopened as unbranded Quarter Pounder shops.” 

the whole thing is so cool, only regular or double Quarter Pounder are in the menu, no more, not any.

“We want consumers to discover great taste and not care about who produced it,” a shop spokesman said. “Those who think of McDonald’s as fast food can just focus on taste and find a premium burger, without prejudice or preconception.”  

I think the whole campaign is brilliant because

1) can introduce the new product with extensive media coverage (even i know it in hk), and in japan, there’re 500 people lining up for opening

2) most importantly, to correct the image of mcdonald’s = low quality, junk food. When fresh burger, mos burger are everywhere selling a preimum image.

It could be the best campaign this year.

More information:

in Hong Kong, the quarter pounder is called 足三兩, it’s associated with the Mac Tonight campaign, only available after 9pm. So the product positioning is different, but you know what’s the difference between a brilliant and an ordinary campaign!

Thanks McDonald!

FREE research resources

There’re lots of papers/reports/articles published by advertising agency, or by research house.

The quality of the report by ad agency is not guaranteed, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Most of them are free.

The paper published by research house, like Forrester, is usually in high quality, apart from the results/insights they found, you should also appreciate their methodology. Needless to mention, they’re professional research house, thus a ordinary report with 10 pages will cost you USD$375. If you’re not buying on behalf of your company, I don’t think you’ll pay for it.

However, when you’re really interested in a Forrester report which costs USD$375, you can try your luck just by googling the report title, you might find the exact pdf for FREE!
WHY? It’s because some company would buy the Forrester research and release it for free to public!
WHY the company do so? of course it’s beneficial to the comapny, like in this report Interactive Marketing Agencies, Q4 2007 (US$795), the best interactive agency is Ogilvy (congratulations!). Therefore Ogilvy generously make this report for free to everyone at:
Another Forrester report like: The Forrester Wave™: Brand Monitoring, Q3 2006 (US$995), Nielson online made this free to us at: 

(Update on 5Feb2009, Forrester published a new Forresster wave report for Brand Monitoring tool Q12009, they call it Listening Platform (whatever the name), and it’s available here

so you’ve saved USD$1,790! almost HKD14,000!!


Want more? Yes

1) Wonderful Wunderman
Go to Wunderman official website, it’s a nice agency website, not too bold or arrogant like others, very warm and welcoming, take a look at their “Pick our brain” section, excellent reports/papers there, I think each of them could cost $US999 according to Forrester standard. One of them, “How to think digital”, Author Simon Silvester picked up his third WPP Atticus Grand Prix award for it. The copywriting is brilliant & humorous. Of course, there’re lost of reports/papers at WPP Atticus award, if you have insidewpp login, then you can access to it; even if you don’t have it, I’m sure you should have at least 1 friend working in WPP network, right?

2) JWT Global Creative Showcase
I’m not sure if this is an internal showcase website, but it’d be pity if it is, coz the showcase is really interesting, relevant, high quality, you can at a glance check out the latest campaign by JWT over the world. It’s not hyperlinked from the JWT official website, I got this link when I sort of worked in JWT network previously. So here’s the link 
The trick is that, just change Q2_2008 to Q3_2008, then you can see the Q3 showcase, or if you want to check the previous Q1_2007, just do it the same way to change the URL, I hope they always keep this URL standard!

3) JWT Trendspotting (not really good…)
JWT puts great effort in planning/trendspotting (I assume they are), thus they have a fancy ‘JWT Intelligence’ division with some fancy title like ‘Global Trendspotting director’. Anyway, If you have a friend working in JWT, the report will be delivered to his/her email account cordially when it’s released, I assume it’s again not too hard to find a friend working in JWT, but if you really don’t have, no worry, because I think the reports are just of average quality, some of them are published for the sake of making something only. It’s no surprise that they always term their report as ‘Work in progress’, enough said! Actually you can buy the report at JWT Intelligence website, it’s like US$300 for each, my recommendatiion is NOT TO BUY! just ask your friend!

4) Nielsen Online
Neilson Online has always been the pioneer & leader in defining online measurment standard, ther’re lots of resources in their website, I would highlight their ‘download library‘ sections, there you can find some reports which should cost US$699 (Forrester currency), it’s free there just put down your email, the best of the reports from Nielsen is the FIGURES, they gathered a lot of data which you cannot find anywhere else.

I’m sure there’re more & more & more & more free resources online which is not listed here, I just list out some significant ones, if you would like to share, please leave me comment, thanks!

google lively NO MORE


From Google “we’ve decided to shut Lively down at the end of the year”


i think everyone would have predicted it, so am I!

A campaign destructed by twitter

see the (negative) power of twitter…

i don’t have to mention the power of social networking, but let’s bear in mind that bad news goes faster than good news

“How Twittering Critics Brought Down Motrin Mom Campaign

Bloggers Ignite Brush Fire Over Weekend, Forcing J&J to Pull Ads, Issue Apology”

David Armano, VP of Critical Mass has a good summary & analysis

Adweek 30th anniversary special

Adweek is celebrating their 30th year, and so they’ve elected 30 most influential people in marketing/advertising/media industry


so how many of them you know?

and they have some individual interviews

i don’t have time to read/watch them, but i think we should read it if you’re still alive in the advertising industry

the BIG BANG theory

(this post is not about advertising)

how much do you know about the big bang?

i assume a normal people like you and me will only know it’s a bang, and it’s a big one, well, that’s all


i came across this interesting TV program: Big Bang on discovery channel today

the host João Magueijo is a Portuguese cosmologist and professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London, he explained to me in the most lament way the cosmic theory, it’s like a BigBang 101 lesson, which I have learnt some terms that I would have probably never heard of if I didn’t watch this program, like CMB, Horizon problem, cosmic inflation, variation speed of light.

If you have 1 hour, and interested to know know more about the universe you’re living, you must watch this, and thanks God that someone has uploaded it to Youtube, thanks to Zuke696, in fact I can find a lot of interesting science video in his channel in youtube, enjoy.

p.s. this program is one of the best visual effect tv program i’ve ever seen, really helps a lot in communicating the abstract science theory, tribute to discovery channel, again.