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GPS? don’t forget the HTML5 GeoLocation API

It’s really exciting that HTML 5 is geolocation based.

Oh yes it’s not something new, IP address tells something about your location but it’s not effective at all. Then GPS is the next big thing with you mobile, but since most desktop won’t equip with GPS, and even though these devices had the capabilities to get the current location, website developers are still facing the problem that they can not access the positioning hardware of the phone. There was almost no way for (mobile) web developers to get the location of the user.

So how does HTML5 work, they get the location information from the devices such as Wifi towers or GPS. Most of the modern phones are now equipped with GPS functionality and so the laptops with Wifi. So, it’s not difficult to get the location information from these devices. But to make use of this, the location information should be made accessible to the websites via the browser.

I think what makes it sexy is that it’s really simple, to enable this geolocation based thing, it’s like embedding a <img> tag in your HTML code and it doesn’t really require a GPS hardware

here’s a test that you can try
though, still not accurate enough, but interesting enough
i hope this will get more and more accurate as the wifi network is more extensive

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myrecap on facebook page

I just created a Facebook Page for this blog

I would be much grateful if you would like to add it as fan page

when I have 25 fans, I will apply a facebook username

please help =_=

update on 13 Oct, I have a username now!

fuck the IE by Chrome

Internet Explorer is the enemy of  programmer

they put 20% of effort to build a website and 80% to fix it for IE

IE is wasting the time of human race

let the programmer go to sleep or spend more time with family or research

rather than fixing the damn IE

Google could be the saviour

they’re introducing Google Chrome Frame to IE

We’re building Google Chrome Frame to help web developers deliver faster, richer applications like Google Wave. Recent JavaScript performance improvements and the emergence of HTML5 have enabled web applications to do things that could previously only be done by desktop software. One challenge developers face in using these new technologies is that they are not yet supported by Internet Explorer. Developers can’t afford to ignore IE — most people use some version of IE — so they end up spending lots of time implementing work-arounds or limiting the functionality of their apps.

I truly appreciate the effort by Google

however under the monopoly of Microsoft, see how they kill Netscape

I think Google Chrome frame could never be really popular

how many of people would install it in their IE

this is only the wish by web developer…

UNLESS Google requires use to install the Chrome frame in IE when they browse Google search and Gmail and all of its product, otherwise nobody will do it seriously and the programmer will still spend 80% of their time in fixing IE

I just hope that there’s no IE in the world

the PUMA Index

awesome work from Droga5

The Puma Index

Did you know 4.0

if you have read the did you know 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 before

here comes the 4.0

This is another official update to the original “Shift Happens” video. This completely new Fall 2009 version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist. For more information, or to join the conversation, please visit and

Google: experiments in digital creativity

a must read if you are a google fans

or even if you’re not a google fans

Creative X Analytics?

Creative merge with data? what an exciting news

Don’t underestimate the acquisition of Omniture by Adobe

I really look forward to their next product

I’s sexy these days for creatives to talk about data. And yesterday’s marriage of a major content-development platform with a major web-measurement company means analytics could soon be conceived right along with art and copy.

Adobe Systems announced last night that it will acquire web-analytics firm Omniture for $1.8 billion in equity by fourth-quarter fiscal 2009. The deal finds Abobe picking up all outstanding Omniture stock at a 45% premium.

The union foretells a digital-content platform that sees ads through creation to delivery — and now to optimization. Adobe hopes marrying its creative production tools with Omniture analytics will create what Adobe President-CEO Shantanu Narayen calls an “end-to-end platform.” For creatives, that means metrics can’t be an afterthought; they’ll need to be part of the content-creation process from the beginning. For data analysts and media companies, it means potentially more clarity into what creative formats and media placements are working — and how.