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Penguin is the google of publisher…

Penguin, if you think they’re just a traditional publisher, you’re wrong

they’re the GOOGLE in publisher industry

they’re the pioneer of innovation, always surprise me by brilliant idea/project

just like Radiohead is the GOOGLE in music industry…

their latest project: Penguin Dating

in HK, dating site like yahoo dating is not so widely accepted/adopted by people at age 15-30

people might think u must have some problem if you have to find a partner thru the dating site (perhaps you don’t have any friends in the real world), i’m not sure what’s the thinking for people beyond 30, and i’m not sure what’s the thinking for people in other countries, but for Chinese, i guess more or like the same

so there’s a virtual wall in front of the dating site to block you, if you join a dating site, you don’t want to let your friends know as well!

but what else better than a Book site cross over Dating site?????????

Penguin’s Digital Marketing Director Anna Rafferty said:  ‘Sometimes a book means so much more; at Penguin we believe that the books we cherish and read over and over, those that we feel a deep emotional connection with, say something defining about us and the type of people we are.  ‘What are you reading / what did you last read / who’s your favourite author?’ are all standard first date question, and what better way to find your life partner than over a shared love for Lawrence or a passion for Pynchon?’

imagine, the wall is now collpased, it disappeared.

you join the site because you’re book lover, literature, culture, sharing with friends…

you’re no longer tagged to alone/socially disconnected/rejected/

just compare the 2 sites, you shall know what i mean



if there’s a HK version, i’m sure this will be a great hit, or we might propose page one HK to develop one…

if you don’t know what great project Penguin has done before

check this out: Digital Fiction https://myrecap.wordpress.com/2008/05/23/re-define-fiction/

re-define fiction

penguin, a renowned publisher, has created a brilliant concept ‘digital fiction’
“Interactive game mixes classic novels with Web 2.0 mashups”


<29 May, 08>

more on digital fiction:

before the Penguin did the above ‘wetellstories’ project, they did have another collaborative writing project “A Million Project” , the idea is simple, everyone can take part in completing this fiction, this experiment is successful as a co-creation project, but apparently with low value in literature (as expected i think…)

to write a book in a wiki way: Webook.com, they published their first book

so if you want to write a book, there’s a chance!