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More on augmented reality + GPS + compass

as I believe this will be developed into a ‘real’ virtual world

it’s just a matter of time

iPhone 3Gs has compass function already

augmented reality is not new, GPS is not new

everything is ready

Layar, it claims itself as the “world’s first mobile augmented reality browser”, which I don’t think they have coined a nice word, it’s way too clumsy isn’t it?


the website, the product looks like an unfinished one, not even up to a beta testing mode, anyway, I believe we’ll see 100 more similar applications in the coming half year

GPS + Compass, the next thing

GPS + Compass on mobile, creating an augmented reality

MUST be the next thing

maybe in 5 years, this will be another big step from web 1.0 to web 2.0

this is not web 3.0, since you cannot separate the real & the virtual world anymore

the world is the web is the world

G1 phone