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2.0, world 2.0

david darmano is one of my favourite blogger

his insight is to-the-point, easy to understand

and here’s his recent post on world 2.0

the best presentation on 2.0 i’ve ever read

just read it!



let’s see what’s intrinsic & extrinsic


an elegant video

an elegant & beautiful video contributes to the burma disaster

 anyone do it for china?

facts on social media

a global report on social media by UM

(boring but with some useful facts)

use google to plot nice chart for your presentation

to plot a very neat and nice chart
use google chart api  

you can actually plot a MAP as well!

see, it’s cool!

and this is some brilliant tool riding on their api

future of social networking

here’s a very good article by economist really really really really worth to read

“Social networking may end up being everywhere, and yet nowhere.”

and not by coincidence

something by google can mark a new era of it

“MySpace, Facebook and Google each announced similar-sounding moves over the past week that will be worth paying attention to as marketers watch to see how the social web evolves.

The future of online social networking doesn’t live within a single entity’s walls like Facebook instead they will be like air, they will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to be.”

how fast are we moving to integration

while we celebrate the big change to become a truly integrated agency

our website has certainly not changed as fast as our name card

one of our competitor GREY has recently revamped their website

it’s interesting to take a look:

i think it’s the 1st time I saw such a ‘big agency’ structuring their department like this, they’ve given up the name of sub-brands (G2/Grey Healthcare etc etc)

if you look at the CAPABILITIES or thruout the website, i think they’re talking about integration

though the flashy design or the grey figure (like TVB ppl) are not really attractive, but this website can truly represent the grey group

then take a look at ours:


further reference on agency’s website
rather than a traditional FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH website, even the copy are embedded in flash

why can’t the website transform into 2.0?
there’re pros and cons, but these are 2 pioneer references:

1) the barbarian group
A little bit blog, a little bit news, a little bit portfolio. It’s the new Barbarian Group website.
Leaving behind the usual agency Flashturbation, Barbarian Group has crafted their site to include employee blogs as well as the usual agency website stuff such as portfolio, capabilities and jobs section. There’s also a section called Barbaripedia, an information-rich section of the site that contains everything anyone would want to know about the agency which was the true hero behind Burger King’s Subservient Chicken

2) modernista  (this is an extreme case i think…)
Boston-based Modernista is taking a radical approach to the company website to try to prove it “gets” the Web 2.0 revolution. Instead of building and maintaining its own site, Modernista’s URL redirects visitors to information about the company at Web 2.0 services including Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, and Skype.

Salesforce & Google 的攏斷

Salesforce & Google are a perfect match!!

impact of voice

an agency website, see the strong voice & visual impact
(Johannes Leonardo is a new agency fouded towards the end of 2007 by Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, two former Saatchi & Saatchi Executive Creative Directors)

re-define fiction

penguin, a renowned publisher, has created a brilliant concept ‘digital fiction’
“Interactive game mixes classic novels with Web 2.0 mashups”


<29 May, 08>

more on digital fiction:

before the Penguin did the above ‘wetellstories’ project, they did have another collaborative writing project “A Million Project” , the idea is simple, everyone can take part in completing this fiction, this experiment is successful as a co-creation project, but apparently with low value in literature (as expected i think…)

to write a book in a wiki way:, they published their first book

so if you want to write a book, there’s a chance!