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Maurice Levy meets Eric Schmidt @ Cannes 2009

We know Publicis has a special relationship with Google

but working at Publicis Modem I don’t really feel any mysterious relationship between the two.

This year Maurice Levy invited Eric Schmidt to a sharing session @ Cannes Lion award, I would like to find the full clip but can’t, share with me if anyone of you have it.


Maurice Levy’s interview

It’s so interesting to read Maurice Levy’s recent interview


Ad Age: What about the situation(sliding global economy) excites you exactly?
Mr. Levy: I’m excited because this is something that leads me to think about how we can make our organization more efficient,
>>i.e. lay off

Ad Age: But what about the downside, such as closing down Honeyshed and layoffs? 
Mr. Levy: Closing down Honeyshed was something that made me sad. I had a formidable love for this operation, and I supported them during the whole process. The problem with Honeyshed was that we had…
>>I can see why Honeyshed can go live, who dare to say no when this is Maurice Levy’s idea?! LOL

Ad Age: What were the bright spots in 2008?
Mr. Levy: …Digital has been staggering, and Publicis Modem has been fantastic….

Ad Age: It’s apparent digital is becoming a bigger part of what you do. Do you plan on continuing that trend and how will you ensure the digital practice continues to grow?
Mr. Levy: …We want to make sure that the whole [Publicis] group is absorbing the digital practice and that almost everyone is literate in digital…
Mr. Levy: …and we have plans to grow in those markets like China, India and some European countries….
>>that’s what we’re doing and we’re in China!

Google vs WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic, Publicis


this article, by Idris Mootee, has made a very good depiction on the advertising landscape.

Google Is WPP, Omnicom and Publicis’ Nightmare.

and I really like the modest head office of WPP!! really coooooooool

WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Interpublic are the giants in advertising industry, they look quite like a dwarf in front of google.

What’s the relationship between Google & the Agency groups? Friend? Frienemy? Enemy?

It really depends on Google…I think Google can the one to change the game

Martin Sorrell vs Maurice Levy

the two giants in advertising

sometimes, i think they’re really like a 歡喜冤家 (i dunno how to call it in English)


WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell, who moderated a “Cannes Debate” seminar today, opened it up by asking panelists from both paramours (Google & Yahoo) what’s with their “new love affair.”

Maurice Levy, said he wasn’t concerned about the Yahoo-Google deal and the potential for higher keyword prices. He also poked at long-term rival Mr. Sorrell and his habit of characterizing Google as a “frenemy.”