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tell me syndrome

last year i was working with a project on topic “co-creation”

a korean teammate showed me this, and i think it’s really cool!

if any girls group in HK can dance like this, i’m sure they’ll become our favourite


here’re some terms:

Wonder Girls (WG)- one of the hottest girls group in Korea

Tell Me- WG hottest dance song in 2007

Tell Me Syndrome- Tell Me by Wonder Girls has become HUGE/HIT phenomena & trend in South Korea due to their catchy tunes and cute dance choreography. People say the song and the dance moves are “addicting”. Everyone from kids, elementary/middle/high school boy/girl students, soldiers, policemen, to just everyday people are particpating in this hit by showing off their bad, okay to good dance skills!

original video:

a compilation of everyone’s video


there’s some magic in this dance!

result of World’s Best Presentation Contest


here’s the result page

i think this is worth to read

innovative & effective campaign

how to activate Vote in political event among young adults 18-25?

usually the % of registered candidate of this group is relatively  low

so the 1st step is to encourage them to register to become a qualified voter

then how? how to activate this group to vote?


there’re many ways, well, in HK, campaign like this exists (OMG)


if you can’t understand chinese/(spanish), this is a ‘trying to look young’ music video produced by a potential councillor. (though i’m not really sure if this is produced by their official? their fans? or in fact their opposite candidate…) If this is a campaign produced by their opposite candidate, this might be an effective one. It might create noise (in fact not much), but it simply damage Regina’s image, her image is not as idiot as depicted in the video. SIMPLY, TOTALLY, WRONGLY targetted. TOO BAD. 


however, in US, for the US election campaign, we’ve found some greenlights!

which is really refreshing

the ‘DECLARE YOURSELF’ campaign

“Declare Yourself is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to empower and encourage every eligible 18-year-old in America to register and vote in the presidential primaries and 2008 presidential election. Using the power of strategic media partnerships, celebrity spokespeople, the sports arena, and most importantly, mobile and Internet technology, Declare Yourself’s campaign blankets the landscape of popular culture, as well as universities and high schools, with a simple, clear message: REGISTER and VOTE!”

their latest hit is the ad by Jessica Alba:

WOW, it looks like an ad to promote a new TV series, isn’t it a surprise to promote voting? or you think it’s not appropriate? too violent? sexually abused? WHATEVER, why don’t you raise your voice if you don’t like? that’s simply the hidden message of this ad (i think so), ‘ONLY YOU CAN SILENCE YOURSELF’.

and here’s a video promotion

they also have a youtube official page, you can see a lot of interviews from all walks of ‘young adult’ life

a lot of multimedia promo has been produced

check out the official homepage


this is really a 360 campaign

i wonder, if there’s an advertising agency/whatever party in hk doing this stuff during the Legislative Council Election 2008, the result might be a bit different

creativity & power of copy

isn’t it a brilliant term? (forget about the ethical/religious issue…)

just 4 letters, but strong enough!


the above poster is for season 1 in 2007

their latest tag of gossip girl season 2 is ‘mocking God’…well the tag is less sexier, but not the visual!

you don’t want to miss this poster if you’re a male

TV X socialnetworking: MTV backchannel

can MTV backchannel really bridges the gap between ‘social networking’ & ‘tv’?

definitely social networking (internet) are stealing the eyeballs of TV?

so instead of fighting it back, which is not quite possible, how can we bring them together?

even better, to leverage on the advantages of both media platform.

what do you think? i’m looking forward to the stat/result…

but from what i see from the official site, the tags never go as inspring/funny as their promo suggests, in fact, they’re quite irrelevant and boring, content is king, who else is going to browse a site while watching tv with absurd comment?


MTV backchannel official site:

Media preview:

creativity top 5, Sept 15

feel bored?

check out the creativity top 5, Sept 15

nice, especially the mtv back channel concept, is this model replicable?

lehman brothers

though it’s not sth funny, but we still have something to laugh from this topic…


Work at Lehman brothers







let’s stop for a moment while we’re working

unplug yourself…

it’s really an inspiring site, worth for a visit, and viral to your friends

isn’t it nice if you receive this from your friend?

power of powerpoint

it’s better for an AS to have good powerpoint skill
and this website/book unveils the secret of powerpoint

Hillary Clinton is better than Obama

Hillary Clinton is better than Barack Obama in their speeches
and both of them are far far far far far farrrrrrrrrrrr better than McCain’s

what do you think?

i’d recommend you to watch the HD video in this unfriendly platform that you must first install MS silvernight and another unknown tool

or watch the low quality version in youtube
Hilary Clinton

Barack Obama

Clinton’s “No way, No how, No McCain” is the highlight and the sentence wandering in my mind

this is really effective communication and the art of speech!