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my blog in HSBC!

Would you believe it?!

I have created a blog in HSBC!

Here’s my first post:

What’s more, I’ve uploaded a video to it


I can create a gallery and can subscribe to other people’s blog etc.

Well I really appreciate the effort behind to create this, I can feel that this must have gone through a million rounds of struggle in technical review and 10 million emails from compliance team, I’m really glad that a brand & a bank like HSBC have actually done this! This is unbelievable and incredible.

Having said that, this is the best example of the worst way for a brand to empowering the consumer. Who’ll really create a blog and read it frequently on HSBC, and with such a poor usability?! What the hell they’re thinking, there’re millions of ways to tap into online community, but this is simply not the right way. From the record of forum msgs/blog posts, I believe this ‘cool thing ‘was setup in early 2008.  If it was an idea in 2005, well then it’s ok. 

Much appreciated, but doomed to fail. 

HSBC Business network:

we need LOVE

When is the last time you said “I love you”?

And when is the last time you said “I’m in love with someone” rather than “I’m in a relationship with someone”?


Perhaps we’ve been adapted to the facebook/internet style of communication,

whereas words are colder, people are actually less connected as it appeared to be;

whereas language has become a function rather than an expression;

whereas : ) means smile and : ( means sad. How sad.


Let’s make a break.

Say “I love you” to the ones you love.

We need LOVE  and the world needs LOVE.

Spread your love to your friends and your loved ones.

Then together, our world will be more BEAUTIFUL.


This is sent to you by someone who loves you.

2009 TED Prize winner: Jose Antonio Abreu

“The world was suffering a huge spiritual crsis, not an economic or a social crisis, but a spritual one. I believe that to confront that crisis, only art and  religion can give proper answers to humanity, to mankind’s deepest aspirations, and to the historic demands of our times”

Jose Antonio Abreu is the charismatic founder of a youth orchestra system that has transformed thousands of kids’ lives in Venezuela. Here he shares his amazing story and unveils a TED Prize wish that could have a big impact in the US and beyond.

2009 TED Prize winner: Jose Antonio Abreu

Gustavo Dudamel and the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra

Google Analytics on Energy

this is why we all love Google

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

Google is not measuring Pageviews in your website, Google is showing the energy consumption at your home, which is more meaningful to the entire human, right?

PowerMeter annotated graphEnergy consumption is sort of invisible, you can only visualize it on your bill, and very often people don’t have a sense to reduce your energy consumption, you just pay your pill every 3 months, you won’t ask for a discount or you won’t try to reduce it either.

However, if it’s presented in a chart like above, I’m sure every rational man with a sense of anlytics or calculative mind will do something to it, it’s now more visible, more measurable and more ‘analytics’. Thanks to google, we got the next step now.

The smart grid is remarkable, and the Google & GE partnership is a perfect match.

For more information:



A PR event of Google & GE

i click, therefore i am


We pass 1 million clicks today!

So we collect 1 million clicks in 1 month, out of my expectation.

Thanks, please click.

Maurice Levy’s interview

It’s so interesting to read Maurice Levy’s recent interview

Ad Age: What about the situation(sliding global economy) excites you exactly?
Mr. Levy: I’m excited because this is something that leads me to think about how we can make our organization more efficient,
>>i.e. lay off

Ad Age: But what about the downside, such as closing down Honeyshed and layoffs? 
Mr. Levy: Closing down Honeyshed was something that made me sad. I had a formidable love for this operation, and I supported them during the whole process. The problem with Honeyshed was that we had…
>>I can see why Honeyshed can go live, who dare to say no when this is Maurice Levy’s idea?! LOL

Ad Age: What were the bright spots in 2008?
Mr. Levy: …Digital has been staggering, and Publicis Modem has been fantastic….

Ad Age: It’s apparent digital is becoming a bigger part of what you do. Do you plan on continuing that trend and how will you ensure the digital practice continues to grow?
Mr. Levy: …We want to make sure that the whole [Publicis] group is absorbing the digital practice and that almost everyone is literate in digital…
Mr. Levy: …and we have plans to grow in those markets like China, India and some European countries….
>>that’s what we’re doing and we’re in China!

noodle on noodle click project

I recently started a project with my programmer which is called “I click, therefore I am

At this moment, we got 790,911 clicks in 20 days, not a bad result I can say without any serious promotion

However, this is the master, they did it and they wrap it up brilliantly:


Honeyshed will be shed

This shitty Honeyshed is doomed to fail.


Although I’m working in Publicis Groupe, I have to say it’s really a stupid investment/experiment.

Just take a look at the website & the video will make you feel amused, bemused, confused, whatever.

1) date back to Oct 2007 , when they were going to launch it, of coz in beta mode

2) then this month, they announced that it’s going to shut down, no surprise!

3) so what can we learn? let’s hear something from Critical Mass

“It’s definitely missing the cool factor. The main takeaway: No matter what your brand – you have to listen to your consumers.”

Goodbye Honeyshed!

Augmented reality on G-phone

“The G1 phone has a built-in compass, which means that it can not only determine where users are, but also which direction they’re facing. Which gets interesting when combined with the phone’s camera, which is what the Dutch bank’s new tool does.”

this is what the ING bank doing on G-phone, when you take a photo, they will indicate where’s the nearest ATM on your photo, isn’t it cool?

To apply it on a travel guide, this could be a highly interactive travel book.

I think this feature is cool!

Free research resources (2)

Forrester has another new report. I really love the Forrester Wave report, it’s really a pleasure to read

Recently there’re 2 new wave report

1) Search Marketing Agencies, Q1 2009,7211,44487,00.html


iProspect take the leads again

so let’s go to iProspect website

here’s the free report


2) Community Platforms, Q1 2009 Wave™ report,7211,46468,00.html

another US$795

so get it here if you want


pretty good free resources