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David Armano joins Edleman Digital

oh, how fast he left the Dachis group

sad to see he has yet to revolutionize the so-called revolutionary category

so how will the PR digital arm challenge with the traditional digital unit?


Dachis Corporation

David Armano joins together with Peter Kim and Jeffrey Dachis on a startup firm “Dachis Corportaion” focusing on social business design

Dachis Corporation was established to create a company delivering social technology platforms and professional service programs with the stated goal of helping companies become “Social Enterprises”.

This involves both deploying technology to connect people and provide them with tools to enable specific business intent, and professional services to help transform the way business processes work and the way people communicate.”

The 3 of them are really like Messi, Henry and Eto in digital advertising

and I believe the Dachis corp. will be as strong as Barcelona

I really look forward to what their business model will be, and how the industry react to them, it’s really interesting!

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