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the reality of augmented reality

So for now I guess everyone should believe Location based Augmented reality should be the next big thing.
A lot of amazing phone applications has been released, and we are mesmerized by the demo as well.

However, let’s be realistic, demo is demo, to apply the demo to real life is another thing, I truly appreciate we have someone to tell us to calm down a bit on the technology, having said that, this is absolutely the most exciting tech in the next 5 years.

Please read the 2 articles from Zugara, is very interesting & informative:

and to make this entry looks better, i have to embed 1-2 AR app here for your eye candy

Widget ad/ Social ad

Widget ad is nothing new, but not all of them is engaging.

This widget ad is cool, very effective in selling a book,
they link a video there, link to a facebook fan page to “Become a fan”,
with big buttons to “Purchase”, very simple and straight forward,
I think they have sold thousands of copies through this ad.

If they can ‘socialized’ the ad, even better
like embedding live tweets, so that allow real-time comments
like this Nestle Juicy Juice campaign developed by SocialMedia

ah and the book is: The Chaos Scenario by BobGarfield

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”4a5f405e509501bf” pid=”4a84d0c75c539c60″ width=”300″ height=”340″ domain=””]

The Forrester Wave™: US Interactive Agencies — Strategy and Execution, Q3 20099

No surprise it’s Ogilvy again!

Congratulations, but the report is getting more boring…

Full report download @

Socialized iGoogle, is it too late? 是否 Social 得太遲呢??

The term “Social” must be one of the hottest keywords in recent years

everything will sound much better when it is “Socialized”.

You might know I am a big fan of Google, but I’m not a hardcore one

case like iGoogle, I appreciate the product and I’ve forced myself to use it consistently

but sorry it isn’t gonna be my homepage

and none of the friends I know will use iGoogle frequently.

It makes perfect sense for Google to socialized iGoogle

but honestly in 10 seconds you can tell it’s not exciting anymore

they’re like injecting the basic element that Facebook did a few years ago into iGoogle

so what’s exciting about it?

It might be a good feature for current iGoogle users

but it won’t be a good reason for non-users becoming a regular user.

And I would look forward to Google Wave, I believe that’s the real Socialized product from Google

Socialized iGoogle in plain text:

more info:

Publicis Groupe buys Razorfish finally

Finally the deal is done, I think this should be a win-win-win deal, Publicis, Razorfish & Microsoft all win, a smart deal.

As part of the deal, the two companies will enter into a five-year strategic alliance that will allow Publicis-owned agencies to buy display and search advertising from Microsoft on “favorable terms” in exchange for a guarantee that Publicis will buy a certain amount of ad volume. Also as part of the deal, Razorfish will remain a preferred provider of digital strategy and creative and experiential marketing services to Microsoft. The marketer will guarantee a minimum amount of spending with Razorfish each year of the agreement.

Razorfish will be part of Publicis’s VivaKi unit and operate as its own agency brand, although some Razorfish employees and technology assets could also become part of VivaKi’s central technology group, the VivaKi Nerve Center.

AdAge Full Article:

Though I had no idea what Vivaki is doing, it seems they’re doing some very high level strategic jobs that not much deliverables could be observed in execution level. Or maybe they’re just a name that make Publicis sounds better in digital arena. I am working in Publicis Modem, a small digital team in HK, the company has yet to tell us anything about Vivaki, well Publicis Modem is not under the mysterious Vivaki anyway.

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worst agency’s website ever

This is an internship program by Ogilvy China

The website is the worst Ogilvy’s website I’ve seen ever

will you apply it? I won’t if I’m a university student

see a page like this is unacceptable for an agency, especially it’s Ogilvy! aha

let’s go back to read something normal from Ogilvy China

then you’ll consider the fellowship program

Social Media ROI

ROI is a cool and sexy term, client likes to hear that

Social Media ROI is even better, coz client likes to hear about Social Media plus measuring the effectiveness of it!

Social Media ROI really sounds like a mysterious term, no clear definition/discussion so far

but this slide provides a very good concept, in the end, it’s just an ROI that makes sense

don’t be scared by the term ‘Social Media’

in more details