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“How Should We Leverage Social Media?”

this is from Paul Isakson blog


“More and more I’m becoming convinced this is the only way most companies should look at social media from a marketing perspective.

Quit trying to “join the conversation.”

Stop trying to be everyone’s friend.

Don’t shove your marketing messages at people.

Just listen to what people are saying about your product or service and apply what you learn to making it better.

The same goes for your marketing.

Make it worth talking about.”


this is exactly the opposite we’re doing everyday


future of social networking

here’s a very good article by economist really really really really worth to read

“Social networking may end up being everywhere, and yet nowhere.”


and not by coincidence

something by google can mark a new era of it

“MySpace, Facebook and Google each announced similar-sounding moves over the past week that will be worth paying attention to as marketers watch to see how the social web evolves.

The future of online social networking doesn’t live within a single entity’s walls like Facebook instead they will be like air, they will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to be.”