Earth 3.0, free magazine!

Scientific American, obviously a science organization in American, is also a publisher for magazines

to me, their magazines are really interesting but you won’t have time & money to read, like National Geographic

This month, they have a special edition called Earth 3.0

you need to pay USD13.95 for a print copy (almost HKD100)

I’m not asking you not to buy the magazine, but there’s a free one you can download, online freebies

I got a eDM from Conservation International, I really like their eDMs!!!!

“Dear Herbert…Friends of Conservation International are eligible to download a FREE copy of a special issue of Scientific American focusing on the state of the planet. Save some paper and download your free digital copy now! Scientific American Earth 3.0... ”

so I downloaded it, you can get 1 copy by clicking the above link

the magazine itself, is really beautifully designed, the content is really useful & updated

so I’d strongly recommend you to download 1, to view it on your screen but not to print it out unless 100% necessary

There’s a topic about future ecocity, the ecocity under illustration is really so sexy, attractive

I’d like to move there one day if I can

and amazingly China is supposed to be the 1st nation to develop a ecocity (Dongtan), but shall we believe China government? (below is the Dontan city under illustration)

Here’re more ecocities at a glance, from a wordpress blog called ecocity, worth to take a look

let’s do a few clicks to be ‘green’er

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