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beautiful new HP TVC

somehow, i don’t know why, makes me think about this ad….

no matter how many times you watch this ad, you still want to replay it

A small step for man – a big jump for TV commercials

at first glance, it looks like an ordinary TVC to me…

but it’s from W+K, i wonder why W+K did a TVC like this

thanks to W+K which doesn’t make me disappointed

this TVC is live broadbasted in UK!


Brave simplicity! Nice!

A team of elite skydivers jump simultaneously from two aeroplanes and form the letters H, O, N, D and A in sequence, within a three minute time limit to advertise the new Honda Accord. This was all done live on television and was the first live advert in the UK.

This was done to promote the “Difficult is worth doing” philosophy.


Originally shown on Channel 4 at 8.10pm on 29th May 2008