Google recent updates

Google brings us something new everyday, recently they’ve released a bunch of new products/improvements, which are really interesting and revolutionary. Just take a look at the list below and WOW:

1) Google goggles

What? a visual search application (android phones only for now, sorry)

So what? You don’t have to search by text, submit an image and Google knows what it is! (sounds amazing and crazy… Google can recognize image as human eye?)


2) Youtube automated captions

What? A youtube function to add captions to video automatically

So what? You don’t have to manually type the captions, Google can recognize your VO and write it in English! What’s more, the caption can be translated into other languages!! (crazy enough)


3) Chromium OS

What? A operating system, other than Windows or Mac

So what? So Google is sending the ultimatum to Microsoft, they’re challenging the Win & Mac monopoly, they’re developing a real operating system FOR web, not just FOR web, should be BORN WITH the web, so everything you do you do it online, no more offline mode, and you just need a few seconds to start up a Chromium OS


4) Google on QR code

What? Google is promoting QR code (QR code is like a hyperlink in an image format, specialized for mobile phone to access a webpage without typing the long urlllllllllll)

So what? QR code is not something new, it’s been here for years, you’ve probably seen a lot in Japan, some in HK, but never popular. It’s a vicious cycle, when no one use it, no advertiser would promote it, then no one would use it. So we just need someone like Google (or God) to push it, and they did! They did a great campaign in US. This should open up a lot of marketing activities if it becomes more popular. Check out the video at the link below, it’s cool!


5) revamp

What? The most visited website ever, which consists of 2 pages only, has done a revamp.

So what? Yeah you may not aware of it, coz 1) it’s not a drastic change like revamp; 2) the previous one is close to perfect so it can’t improve a lot; 3) you may be redirect to your local google page (i.e. when you’re typing, so try this link which will definitely bring you to original one:

I am not going to summarize the changes, there’re lots of people doing good analysis which you can read below. But at a glance, I think the fading in effect is a bit too funny, I’m not a fan of this.


What’s more…

– Google translated search

– if you’re using Chrome, GOOD NEWS! They’ve just released a lot of interesting extension (like firefox plugin)

– if you’re not using Chrome, then use it

the conclusion is: Google is really changing the world…

(p.s. this post is written for a weekly digital sharing article in Publicis HK)

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