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Creative X Analytics?

Creative merge with data? what an exciting news

Don’t underestimate the acquisition of Omniture by Adobe

I really look forward to their next product

I’s sexy these days for creatives to talk about data. And yesterday’s marriage of a major content-development platform with a major web-measurement company means analytics could soon be conceived right along with art and copy.

Adobe Systems announced last night that it will acquire web-analytics firm Omniture for $1.8 billion in equity by fourth-quarter fiscal 2009. The deal finds Abobe picking up all outstanding Omniture stock at a 45% premium.

The union foretells a digital-content platform that sees ads through creation to delivery — and now to optimization. Adobe hopes marrying its creative production tools with Omniture analytics will create what Adobe President-CEO Shantanu Narayen calls an “end-to-end platform.” For creatives, that means metrics can’t be an afterthought; they’ll need to be part of the content-creation process from the beginning. For data analysts and media companies, it means potentially more clarity into what creative formats and media placements are working — and how.


Google Analytics adds new features

it makes your report more custom made, you can simply analyze whatever you want

i wonder how many agency/client in HK will need/be able to analyze in that level

site analytics is relatively easy to learn, but difficult to be an expert

i’d suggest everyone who work in digital agency/online marketing, should be familiar with the basic knowledge of it

new features: motion chart

also advanced segmentation & custom reports, impressive


so, let’s see what yahoo analytics can offer

site analytics can be fun!

Monitoring your web site traffic has never been so seriously fun.

just for fun