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one of the best presentation i’ve ever seen

i just can’t stop watching & watching & watching again

just kill me, if you don’t think it’s amazing, wonderful, fantastic, impressive


world’s best presentation contest

organized by slideshare,

it’s really interesting to know that there’s a presentation contest in this world

from time to time, we’ve read come across some good presentations on slideshare, with strong visual and copy impact, i really like a good presentation so i really look forward to seeing the best presentation

here’s one of the entry this year by last year winner, pretty cool!

and the winner is actually a company, take a look at the before & after design:


but i would like to learn all their skillsets rather than to pay for their service

there’s a blog from apollo idea, and this is a worth reading post for ‘presenter’


they tell you a slide is not necessary in a presentation, of course, i can’t agree more

2.0, world 2.0

david darmano is one of my favourite blogger

his insight is to-the-point, easy to understand

and here’s his recent post on world 2.0

the best presentation on 2.0 i’ve ever read

just read it!