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the next Google?

BusinessWeek and YouNoodle’s list of 50 tech startups includes young companies like Cloudera, Project Better Place, and Scribd that are poised for growth

Fifty Best Tech Startups

here’s my picks which are more related to digital/advertising

Admob (MUST become a hit, but I think Google won’t let it grow)

Daylife (this is interesting, but i dun think it will grow, too fancy)

Evernote (getting popular)

Huddle (it works, but i think there’re plenty of competitors, i think Google Doc will finally replace it, PBWORKS as well)

Justin.tv (Live TV must be the trend, however I think YouTube will finally replace it)

Komli (basically I see a great potential in this ad-targeting, audience measuring company, admob is for mobile, Komli is…in India!)

Loopt (this is cool, but isn’t it done (copied) by Google already? bye)

Mochi mdeia (“we make games profitable”, again ad-targeting company)

Monitise (mobile banking?! ….well…more bank will need their service)

Scribd (I think it’s not new isn’t it, and slideshare is doing better)

Slide (or sliderocket, these online application has potential, let’s hope it can survive under Google, it’s difficult, if it makes profit, Google will develop their own (or buy them if they’re lucky enough).

Business week and YouNoodle has done a great job, however I think they’ve missed the real startup in China, (yes they have Tudou, but it’s not really new…), though most of the starups in China are just copycat of those in western countries, but they’ve included lots of ‘copy idea’ firm in South America or India or even Russia, how can they miss China? perhaps they are not familar with it? Like the KaiXin net, http://www.kaixin001.com/, have your heard of it?

Apart from Admob and perhaps Justin.tv, I don’t think any of the list above will become an sizable web company. I think great business idea is easy to spot, you can almost tell it works or not  in just a few sentences, you can smell the succcess immediately if the idea is great. Yet, those don’t seem to work apparently doesn’t mean it must fail, otherwise I will be a millionaire today.