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Humanitarian Lion campaign

I really like the Humanitarian Lion campaign. If you have no idea of what lion it is, here’s the story:

You should know Crispin’s annual controversial Burger king campaign, last year is the Whopper freakout which I like a lot, this year they have Whoppers Virgin, well not a bad idea I can say. They ask people in Thailand, Romania, Greenland who has never seen & tasted a hamburger before (so call Whopper Virgin) to taste the Whopper & BigMac, of course most of the people like Whoppers, that’s all. The whole Whoppers Virgin campaign is neatly presented, it’s worth to have a look http://www.whoppervirgins.com

But what I want to highlight, is the Humanitarian Lion campaign:
“A Humanitarian Lion supporter produced a video riffing off Burger King’s Whopper Virgins campaign, where documentarians engage Third World inhabitants in hamburger taste tests — and incidentally pop their hamburger-free cherries. ” Apart from the whopper virgins, we have a lot of Nike virign, school virign, human rights virgin in this world. So this is a campaign to ask for a new category in the Cannes Lion award, a category called “Humanitarian Lion”. 

Take a look at the burger king’s video and then the humanitarian lion video. (Though I like the Humanitarian campaign, but I really think they should re-think the name of it)

If you ask me what I want to achieve in advertising, I would say I really want to have a successful campaign for a cause, like this one and the baby tree campaign www.mybabytree.org