Review: 廣告界: 搵工, 請人, Facebook係最快的

We’re working in digital marketing industry, from time to time, we always need to hire freelancer/temp or even perm, no matter creative, AS, programmer, whatever, when we need it, we just need it urgently. So how we did in the past, except source from headhunt, we post it on msn, ask people around, but the most effective way is posting on facebook, it makes no surprise, you have your ad industry network at Facebook.

Create a Facebook Group
So it makes perfect sense to create a Facebook group for HK ad industry people, it’s easy and anyone can did it in 1 min. There’re differences between Page & Group which you can google about it, but the main difference to me is Page = 1 to many; Group = many to many. So in this case, should be a group. I think what we need to be cautious is the NAME, which is a critical factor whether or not people will join the group, it should be PRECISE, DIRECT, and most importantly, show an attitude if possible, let’s look at a few possible naming in my mind:
1) 廣告界 freelancers: too generic, not precise, not showing the role/action 搵工, 請人
2) 廣告界: 搵工, 請人 join this group: show the action which is quite good, but not having an attitude
3) 廣告界: 搵工, 請人 DIY: i nearly used this but i think it’s too 老士
4) 廣告界: 搵工, 請人, Facebook係最快的: i think this is the best coz people who join must agree Facebook is effective, so it clearly tells the role and why Facebook, so that’s my final decision, struggling just for a few minutes though.

Then it’s the description, it’s still important coz the name, description are all the words you can put there. It has to be precise & direct too, I tend to add a next step so it makes more actionable right, and maybe point-form is easier to read so this comes up in another few minutes:
無論 ATL/BTL/Digital
無論 temp/freelance/perm
無論 巿好巿壞
有見及此, 特開此group, 惠澤社群
請人的: please make a new post
搵工的: please reply (maybe as an inbox msg?), or post yourself

I still need a profile pic for the group, I tried to do a search at getty but I guess staged photo is probably not for a facebook group as it’s more casual, and I won’t pay for it of course. Then I look for more lifestyle photo at google, I searched 打工 and finally got the current one, it might not be the best but anyway, i just do it for fun only.

Becoming Viral
I setup this group at 1pm on 28 Dec, I sent the group to maybe 1X friends in my msn list, and one of my colleague blasted approx 50 invitations on Facebook, that’s all we actively did. After all it’s all organic growth, the rate is:
in 3 hours: 100 members
in 12 hours: 1,000 members
in 24 hours: 2,000 members
in 36 hours: 3,000 members
until now, ard 48 hours: 3,707 members
so almost 1,000 members per 12 hour

The result to me is of course amazing, I’d never imagine there’re so many people joining and growing so fast. But yeah it’s not difficult to understand when sth meets the needs of a specific target audience group in a viral-able medium, it can grow much faster than you expect.
and funnily enough someone start to add me or send me message looking for jobs, though i don’t mind to help if there’s any.

so this is my best personal project so far, other than the 1 million click projects where we gathered 1 million clicks in less than 1 month!

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