Facebook page: Examples, Unofficial vs Official

Facebook page is becoming a standard to brands

Molecular Voices has an article about its advantages & disadvantages

and here’s 10 Successful Facebook business pages

well, talking about social media case, you must bookmark the link below

1) Peter Kim’s list of Social Media Marketing example

2) Super list: 23 Extensive Lists of Organizations Using Social Media

I guess with the links above, you’ll find lots of facebook pages example and social media marketing examples


Everybrand should has its own facebook fan page

the problem is everyone like you and me can open one

so how to prove the authenticity?

I guess this will be an annoying problem like the domain registration

but since $$ can settle the domain problem

it can’t settle the facebook fans, in which you can’t just migrate the unofficial fans to official fans

that’d be a problem

anyway facebook has a new authentication policy on facebook page

it’s a good measure except requiring you to put “badge/share” widget on the official site

there’s a good article in inside facebook you might want to read


well, afterall, you might also visit my page on facebook, become a fan




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