the dawn of User-generated Augmented Reality

what’s more exciting than the term user-generated mix with the term augmented reality

or whatever you call the “new AR”, “2d sketches become 3d reality”, “Sketch & Shape recognition”, “in place 3D sketching”

they’re technical terms, what’s really meaning to the market, the marketing term, is the “user-generated AR”

Hats off to the  folks from the Visual Media Lab at Ben Gurion University and HIT Lab NZ, they have “jail-breaked?” the iPhone to release let anyone perform on-the-fly analysis of live streaming video on the iPhone.

what it means to agency/marketers is, we don’t need to print out something, or take it from magazine to visualize the 3D, just for the sake of seeing the little funny meaningless cutie 3D object, we can just draw on it, isn’t it cool?

(be patience, watch it till the end)



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