GPS? don’t forget the HTML5 GeoLocation API

It’s really exciting that HTML 5 is geolocation based.

Oh yes it’s not something new, IP address tells something about your location but it’s not effective at all. Then GPS is the next big thing with you mobile, but since most desktop won’t equip with GPS, and even though these devices had the capabilities to get the current location, website developers are still facing the problem that they can not access the positioning hardware of the phone. There was almost no way for (mobile) web developers to get the location of the user.

So how does HTML5 work, they get the location information from the devices such as Wifi towers or GPS. Most of the modern phones are now equipped with GPS functionality and so the laptops with Wifi. So, it’s not difficult to get the location information from these devices. But to make use of this, the location information should be made accessible to the websites via the browser.

I think what makes it sexy is that it’s really simple, to enable this geolocation based thing, it’s like embedding a <img> tag in your HTML code and it doesn’t really require a GPS hardware

here’s a test that you can try
though, still not accurate enough, but interesting enough
i hope this will get more and more accurate as the wifi network is more extensive

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2 responses to “GPS? don’t forget the HTML5 GeoLocation API

  1. Thanks! There is an article highlights the capabilities and constraints of both Wireless Geolocation (HTML 5 Geolocation API) and IP Address Geolocation at .

  2. Hi,
    We developed a web application for mobile devices which requires location information. We could get it done through HTML5.

    Is there any way you can access the GPS on the phone or tablet? As far as i know, this cannot be done but want some confirmation on this.


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