Socialized iGoogle, is it too late? 是否 Social 得太遲呢??

The term “Social” must be one of the hottest keywords in recent years

everything will sound much better when it is “Socialized”.

You might know I am a big fan of Google, but I’m not a hardcore one

case like iGoogle, I appreciate the product and I’ve forced myself to use it consistently

but sorry it isn’t gonna be my homepage

and none of the friends I know will use iGoogle frequently.

It makes perfect sense for Google to socialized iGoogle

but honestly in 10 seconds you can tell it’s not exciting anymore

they’re like injecting the basic element that Facebook did a few years ago into iGoogle

so what’s exciting about it?

It might be a good feature for current iGoogle users

but it won’t be a good reason for non-users becoming a regular user.

And I would look forward to Google Wave, I believe that’s the real Socialized product from Google

Socialized iGoogle in plain text:

more info:


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