What to do with your gmail/facebook when you die?

What to do with your gmail/facebook when you die?

Imagine in 70 years time, gmail & facebook will probably still exist, but not you and me.

So everyday there’ll have tons of gmail & facebook account being ‘physically’ dead.

How sad.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

Well, some smart ones take a further step and make it into a business

I should do it earlier, next time before I die. 



“Ever since the internet became an integral part of daily life, we’ve become accustomed to securing a wide range of online identities with usernames and passwords. But what happens when someone passes away, leaving their family and business associates unable to access their email, online photos, financial accounts and other online assets? It’s a problem that San Francisco-based startup Legacy Locker aims to solve.”

But as a business, I doubt that who will use the legacy locker right now, people like me who normally will not think I’m going to die tomorrow, or if I do I will have a place write down all my wish/pw etc. So I guess this might not be the ultimate business model right now, but there’s room to think about it.


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