user interface of firefox 3.2

Information Architects Japan has a new post on the user interface of new Firefox 3.2. Their big idea is “turn the browser into a media system organizer more than a media display application”, what a fancy term.

Please go ahead to read their rationale behind, personally I’m not a fan of it, I can’t see any brilliant idea behind. I agree that “Today, twenty+ parallel sessions is quite common”, but those twenty+parallel sessions are random/ocassional sessions when you search something on wikipedia. We don’t really need to keep all of them systematically in a library, they quote iTunes as an example that people don’t need a second to find a songamong 10,000 songs, that’s true but not applicable to a browser, coz people usually just keep 10 favourite websites on hand. (based on my guestimation only). And what else? I can’t see any difference.

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