Enfatico is done!

Finally, Enfatico is over!

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — Only 16 months after it set out to build a 1,000-person marketing agency to serve Dell’s needs, London-based holding company WPP has folded the start-up into its Y&R Brands division.


…Some observers attributed Enfatico’s woes to WPP building the wrong type of agency for the project, and that Mr. Boone — brought onboard from Digitas several months into the project — wasn’t involved from the get-go.

“Torrence [Boone] didn’t have enough time. Had he been the guy at the beginning, it may have worked,” said one top executive. “I just don’t think they had the talent that really understood the high velocity of the transactional nature of the Dell business. They thought it was a big global branding assignment, but brand is part of that, and you have to drive the transactional part. It’s a tough piece of business, and what’s tough about it is to really understand is how do you drive the business and drive the brand at the same time. I think they struggled with that.”

This is expected, I was in Bates 141 HK a year ago, and Enfatico (just a Dell team) sit next to me, they’re like a team of routine machine to handle 10 millions of tactical campaign. WPP consolidates all the promotion/tactical campaign into Enfatico, who else would like to work on a single account like that.  Branding assignment? Maybe, but not at the economic hard times I guess.

George Orwell must be one of the person feel most excited about this news. “The agency of the future is now the past” very well written!

read more at Adage:



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