I am 89% Google Analytics IQ


Google is offering a test you can take to prove you are qualified in Google Analytics — the Google Analytics Individual Qualification — or IQ test.

It costs $50 to take the test. Once you pass, you’ll be registered as Google Analytics qualified. 


Even if you’re not planning to take the test, you should go through the course, which is really really really helpful in building the fundamental concept with practical examples in site tracking.



5 responses to “I am 89% Google Analytics IQ

  1. Cool, gonna take it this weekend. Seems straight forward enough. After the week I had with GA making all conversions as direct for one client, I should know everything there is. I spent enough time reading every single book i could to figure the problem out …

  2. Hello dear ,
    I wish to ask one thing that can we use Google Analytics like gmaps . i mean, can i embed GA to any of my web site and other users(or other web owners) can come to my web site and they can see info of there’s sites(By passing any type of authentication).
    Means like gmap apis can we use GA apis.

  3. >>Rahul,

    You can export your google analytics data by using its api. Take a look at this

    I think that’s what you want, right? Correct me if I’m wrong!

  4. I am 89% Google Analytics IQ .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  5. Rahul Bhargava

    Thanks herbert.I will check it.

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