Future 2019

How far can we go in 2019?

Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop unveiled Microsoft’s vision for how we re-imagine productivity in our daily lives. This is an inspiring video you don’t want to miss.

If you want to see more, don’t forget to check out this 5 mins version. Interestingly enough, I can recognize a few shots taken in Hong Kong, the airport (2:00) and definitely the end frame building shot. Tell me if you could spot more.

Microsoft is not doing this ‘minority report’ montage video for nothing, they have solid supportings for their vision (I believe so),  just take a look at the presentation deck and you shall know.

What’s more, there’s a  ‘Microsoft Office Lab‘, so that we know that not only Google has a Google Lab, Microsoft does too! There’re sections about future, some concept tests, some grassroot projects initiated by Microsoft staff (oh sounds like so Google), a decent blog, very nice website that you can subsribe to it.


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