Google Analytics on Energy

this is why we all love Google

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

Google is not measuring Pageviews in your website, Google is showing the energy consumption at your home, which is more meaningful to the entire human, right?

PowerMeter annotated graphEnergy consumption is sort of invisible, you can only visualize it on your bill, and very often people don’t have a sense to reduce your energy consumption, you just pay your pill every 3 months, you won’t ask for a discount or you won’t try to reduce it either.

However, if it’s presented in a chart like above, I’m sure every rational man with a sense of anlytics or calculative mind will do something to it, it’s now more visible, more measurable and more ‘analytics’. Thanks to google, we got the next step now.

The smart grid is remarkable, and the Google & GE partnership is a perfect match.

For more information:



A PR event of Google & GE


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