Maurice Levy’s interview

It’s so interesting to read Maurice Levy’s recent interview

Ad Age: What about the situation(sliding global economy) excites you exactly?
Mr. Levy: I’m excited because this is something that leads me to think about how we can make our organization more efficient,
>>i.e. lay off

Ad Age: But what about the downside, such as closing down Honeyshed and layoffs? 
Mr. Levy: Closing down Honeyshed was something that made me sad. I had a formidable love for this operation, and I supported them during the whole process. The problem with Honeyshed was that we had…
>>I can see why Honeyshed can go live, who dare to say no when this is Maurice Levy’s idea?! LOL

Ad Age: What were the bright spots in 2008?
Mr. Levy: …Digital has been staggering, and Publicis Modem has been fantastic….

Ad Age: It’s apparent digital is becoming a bigger part of what you do. Do you plan on continuing that trend and how will you ensure the digital practice continues to grow?
Mr. Levy: …We want to make sure that the whole [Publicis] group is absorbing the digital practice and that almost everyone is literate in digital…
Mr. Levy: …and we have plans to grow in those markets like China, India and some European countries….
>>that’s what we’re doing and we’re in China!


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