Quarter Pounder in Japan!

BRILLIANT IDEA! what a great campaign by McDonald in Japan.

McDonald introduced a new burger ‘Quarter Pounder’ to Japan, instead of just doing it in a traditional way.

“2 McDonald’s stores in fashionable Tokyo’s Omotesando and Shibuya East were remodeled and reopened as unbranded Quarter Pounder shops.” 

the whole thing is so cool, only regular or double Quarter Pounder are in the menu, no more, not any.

“We want consumers to discover great taste and not care about who produced it,” a shop spokesman said. “Those who think of McDonald’s as fast food can just focus on taste and find a premium burger, without prejudice or preconception.”  

I think the whole campaign is brilliant because

1) can introduce the new product with extensive media coverage (even i know it in hk), and in japan, there’re 500 people lining up for opening

2) most importantly, to correct the image of mcdonald’s = low quality, junk food. When fresh burger, mos burger are everywhere selling a preimum image.

It could be the best campaign this year.

More information:





in Hong Kong, the quarter pounder is called 足三兩, it’s associated with the Mac Tonight campaign, only available after 9pm. So the product positioning is different, but you know what’s the difference between a brilliant and an ordinary campaign!


Thanks McDonald!


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