the BIG BANG theory

(this post is not about advertising)

how much do you know about the big bang?

i assume a normal people like you and me will only know it’s a bang, and it’s a big one, well, that’s all


i came across this interesting TV program: Big Bang on discovery channel today

the host João Magueijo is a Portuguese cosmologist and professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London, he explained to me in the most lament way the cosmic theory, it’s like a BigBang 101 lesson, which I have learnt some terms that I would have probably never heard of if I didn’t watch this program, like CMB, Horizon problem, cosmic inflation, variation speed of light.

If you have 1 hour, and interested to know know more about the universe you’re living, you must watch this, and thanks God that someone has uploaded it to Youtube, thanks to Zuke696, in fact I can find a lot of interesting science video in his channel in youtube, enjoy.

p.s. this program is one of the best visual effect tv program i’ve ever seen, really helps a lot in communicating the abstract science theory, tribute to discovery channel, again.


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