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latest showcase from JWT

Q2 2008 showcase, i’d like to highlight:

1) “green is the new black”, whatever the campaign name is, in fact their camapign is “billboard is the new bag”, take a look ,ummm…quite brilliant to leverage on the green marketing. And for the bag, much better than “i’m not a plastic bag”

2) in hong kong, you’ll use a band aid when you get cut. however, in brazil, band aid become a FASHION! oh… “you’ll use a band aid even when you don’t really need it”, a new kind of tattoo? that’s….quite interesting, however i wonder how long this “fashion” trend can last…


THIS IS CRAZY! i like it, a campaign by coca cola in brazil, to ride on the name of maradona, the agency successfully create an opposite live figure/icon to promote the brand, what a great idea and how effective & cheap is the publicity! Imagine in HK, it’s like Tempest vs Maradona…

4) Unlimited Call

this is a very effective promotion campaign, to promote a product, one of the best way is to let the customers use it/experience it- FREE TRIALS- this is the most direct promotion. Well, JWT San Juan wrap it up in an interesting way rather than just giving out free trials, this is cool. And they have good interactive component, rather than just setting up a promotion website. pretty cool!



5) CAR…

well, i don’t like this campaign, but let’s see, perhaps you’ll think it’s good

though noise is generated, but is there any negative feeling from a car buyer to see a car being cut into 4?



that’s all from me

but, apart from the campaign itself, we should also appreciate the showcase production, sometimes it’s hard to pull resources in an agency to build a showcase, when everyone is busy. ha…