a very meaningful website! Kiva

how can you call a website ‘meaningful’? I think at least this website makes a real difference to human being, or to the earth

here is one: www.kiva.org

please click and have a look!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s also listed in the 2008 best 50 websites by time magazine

what is it?: a website to connect the “poor” to the “rich”; connect those who need help to those who can help. Kiva is a transparent, lending platform.

what special?: you heard about social networking, facebook, myspace etc, ever imagine that this can help a person in the developing country?

why help people? of course! and more, you’re not just ‘DONATing’ money, you get a unique experience connecting to a specific entrepreneur on the other side of the planet! why not? it’s cool! isn’t it?

this is definitely meaningful. i should recommend this website to my the Finance director of my company! see if they’re interested as well…

aside from that, this is another meaningful website www.mybabytree.org

One response to “a very meaningful website! Kiva

  1. thx for the recommendation
    but there’s a wrong link for
    : )

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