“What’s next in advertising” series

I’ve been reading Paul Isakson’s blog for a while

he’s published an impressive presentation “what’s next in advertising” a few mnths ago, and then this “what’s next” series spin off from Paul to Neil who’s written a “what’s next in media“, then a few days ago we have Uwe Gutschow to contribute “What’s next in advertising – moving from advertising to marketing”:

credit to all the gentlemen who’ve provided us such a nice presentation

though you might think these are not really any ‘new’ insight, but let’s appreciate the content they’ve gathered, and the way they present their idea, the cool powerpoint, and their generosity to share. These are really some nice presentations! a very good reference!

if you still haven’t started to read any of the above 3 presents on slideshare, you should start now!!

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